Commissary Organics

26 05 2008

I** dream of Whole Foods where aisle upon aisle upon row upon row of food is organic.  When I was home in April I spent more time wandering Whole Foods than I did shopping for clothes or shoes (and that’s impressive).  But I have to admit the commissary seems to at least be making an attempt.  Not so great as far as fresh produce, but they’ve now got organic bread, yoghurt, fruit juice, milk, 3-4 frozen fruits & vegetables, Amy’s organic pizzas & frozen meals and soups, organic chicken broth, diced tomatoes, salsa, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, sugar, white flour, and various cereals.  

But the exciting news of the week is that my friend spotted gluten-free organic PASTA the other day.  And I confirmed the sighting yesterday.  Unfortunately, it was $3.46 for 12 oz (normal pasta is 16 oz and MUCH cheaper) so that was not thrilling — but at least it’s there as an option.

The other excitement is that they are carrying some greener cleaning supplies/paper products – including dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels & no-chlorine diapers (cheaper than Huggies).

If you’d like to request more organic options, you can fill out an I.C.E. form online here (this is specific to Kadena — don’t know if other bases have something like this). I figure if enough of us bug them, they may continue to make changes…


**I am Joelle — one of Melody’s delivery gals.  I’ll also be helping out with the website so you’ll probably hear from me now & again.