Chicken News

8 06 2008

Thrilled to tell you that the Kadena Commissary is now selling frozen ORGANIC chicken breasts!!!  They are pricey ($12 for 2 lbs) but they are there — which is just exciting.  I don’t know whether the other commissaries have them or not — please let me know.  (At Kadena, they are across from the yogurt in the open freezer between the cornish hens & duck.) 

Also, right next to the boxes of organic chicken are chicken breasts, legs, wings from Tyson’s 100% Natural line which claim “No Antibiotics, No Hormones, No Artificial Ingredients.”  This sounds pretty darn good, but upon doing some further research I guess there is some significant problems with their claims.  Another blogger has some good info on it…  click here.


Commissary Organics

26 05 2008

I** dream of Whole Foods where aisle upon aisle upon row upon row of food is organic.  When I was home in April I spent more time wandering Whole Foods than I did shopping for clothes or shoes (and that’s impressive).  But I have to admit the commissary seems to at least be making an attempt.  Not so great as far as fresh produce, but they’ve now got organic bread, yoghurt, fruit juice, milk, 3-4 frozen fruits & vegetables, Amy’s organic pizzas & frozen meals and soups, organic chicken broth, diced tomatoes, salsa, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, sugar, white flour, and various cereals.  

But the exciting news of the week is that my friend spotted gluten-free organic PASTA the other day.  And I confirmed the sighting yesterday.  Unfortunately, it was $3.46 for 12 oz (normal pasta is 16 oz and MUCH cheaper) so that was not thrilling — but at least it’s there as an option.

The other excitement is that they are carrying some greener cleaning supplies/paper products – including dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels & no-chlorine diapers (cheaper than Huggies).

If you’d like to request more organic options, you can fill out an I.C.E. form online here (this is specific to Kadena — don’t know if other bases have something like this). I figure if enough of us bug them, they may continue to make changes…


**I am Joelle — one of Melody’s delivery gals.  I’ll also be helping out with the website so you’ll probably hear from me now & again.

Fresh from the Start

7 05 2008

Since arriving on Okinawa in January I’ve seen the desire in many of the people I’ve met for fresh organic locally grown produce. Driving around all over in search of this myself, only finding a very small selection of what may be organic at the stands out in the countryside where I live. As much as I love buying veggies from the folks down the street I really don’t know how organic they are. And even then the selection and freshness has been less then satisfying at times. So the search continues.

Then last week I heard about this farmer’s market. I pictured something like the Pike Place Market back in Seattle where I am from. With the different booths and the vendors there actually selling what they have grown, caught, or created. After daydreaming about meeting the different farmers and picking my produce out among all the bins filled with perfect fresh organic vegetables and fruit, I could just barely wait to go.

A few other things to know about me at this point: I want a job, I am passionate about healthy living and respectful living on this earth. Also, I love opportunities for adventure!

Putting these things together with the new info on the farmers market just out of reach for most to go every week I see a way for me to provide a service to you and support my personal earthy granola agenda. After just days of thinking about how to go about starting a little business in Okinawa the details seem to be settling in to place smoothly and as though this somehow simply was meant to be.

Today, Joelle and I had our first adventure out to find the farmer’s market, though it wasn’t what I had expected it is still very exciting. We met Takeshi Ura-San and Yogi-San who helped us understand the how the market works and some of the practices of the farmers like picking the bugs off by hand…

I can’t wait for this to get off the drawing board!