Here We Go Now…

13 05 2008

Today was so exciting.  I was in such a frenzy all day.  I should have had breakfast.  

I met Joelle and her boys on Kadena and we headed up to Onna.  Pulling up to the market, it was much busier than the last 2 times I was there.  But there was a great parking spot just in front of the main doors for us.  Score.  Going in there were a bunch of people shopping and I was concerned that I was going to break some cultural custom by hoarding all the veggies.  One lady even asked if I was having a big party.  Yogi-san was very helpful taking each full cart to the counter to begin checking out.

Collecting 15 cabbages in one of the typically small Japanese market carts was a bit of a challenge.  I got a lot of strange looks.  And then 15 onions.  And 15 goyas.  And 15 heads of lettuce.  And so on.

Joelle might have had the funnest job — picking the flowers and arranging them into gorgeous bundles of color to be added to each bag.  And she was almost ridiculously excited about the fact that there were RED potatoes.  My eyes automatically go to the flowers.  The vegetables are cool, but the spread of flowers caught my eye every time I entered the building.

Things just went too smoothly it seemed.  We had 3 guys carrying large boxes out to the car.  Joelle placed the veggies in the bags and I went back for more and more and more.  Finally all the bags were full and all the boxes were empty and we loaded ourselves back in and headed out to deliver.

Finding the houses was even fairly easy.  Everyone had provided such great directions and it was cool to put faces with names.  All the customers seemed almost as excited as me.  And I was thrilled to be bringing healthy food to families all around the Kadena area.  Felt a little like I might be changing the world…  one goya at a time.

Starvation sent me digging into my own bag and I snacked on the cherry tomatoes with a smile on my face all the way home.