Our Hybrid has arrived!!

A mixed fruit and vegetable bag is now available. It will be a relatively “normal” set of veggies without the funky, adventurous items some of you enjoy. However, it will be perfect for people living in the barracks, as most items will be edible raw (or easily cooked in a microwave). No goya or eggplant or wingbeans… Based on what was available at the market last week the bag might have had green peppers, cucumbers, salad greens, tomatoes, potato & onion. On the fruit side it would have included an asian pear, kiwi, strawberries & bananas.

The cost for The Hybrid will be $30.

And we’re thrilled so many of you have been enjoying the larger and yummy selection of produce! If you haven’t heard, we now deliver a Big TropOki to your door for $30. The apples, mikans (small oranges) and strawberries are in season!! Click here to read the other items that have recently been in our bags.

To order, simply click on the Place Your Order tab above.

13 responses

2 11 2008

Do you deliver off-base? My husband and I just arrived and I found your website thru Okinawa Hai!

We are renting a house in Uruma City.

2 11 2008

Yes, Tanya does lots of deliveries off base. If you order by 9am on Monday you can get the delivery that same week!

3 11 2008

Okay, so how does this work? I’m confused but highly interested. I live on Kadena.

19 11 2008
Crystal R

Do you deliver during the weekends or evenings? I work during the day and don’t feel comfortable having my food delivered while I’m at work since it would have to be left outside where some of things could spoil or be infested by the bugs.

27 11 2008

Do you deliver into the BOQ on Kadena? I am moving over there next summer as a Geo Bach, and will be in teh Q…but I love to cook, and probably won’t have a lot of time to get out to markets to get great produce. Thanks!

22 12 2008
Trish Brown

Hi I would love to know about how to get to this market could you give out directions we are only here for a few months but like to get out and sightsee and see the different things of Okinawa

13 01 2009

Trish — Tanya is now using several markets — the one in Uruma I couldn’t begin to give you directions too as I get lost every time! The one in Onna is on the right side of the 58 just north of the Renaissance hotel.

4 02 2009
Kris Waterman

Do you deliver on Kadena AB? I work Mon – Fri 9-3, Do you deliver later in the afternoons?

Our HP is 633-3057.

Kris and Mike Waterman

28 03 2009

I ordered my first bag from you when I arrived on Island in Jan. I was a little dissapointed…Didn’t get my flowers and the variety of produce was limited.
Just wanted to pass the note along…

24 02 2010
Yukari Canley

I’d like to add my name to the waiting list to be deliver to my house/off base. near gate2.

15 03 2010
Dana Betts

I’d like to add my name to the waiting list home is an apartment off base, near Kadena AFB Gate Mizugama, Kadena-Cho…we are new to the island and really struggling with how expensive fresh produce is. Are there any farmers markets near by until she delivers her baby? Thank you!!

23 04 2010
Dana Betts

Okay so I was mistaken, we are ourside of Gate 1, just to correct. But also wondering about the lack of activity on this site. I know it says there’s a baby coming but it appears there aren’t any updates..and I may be looking at this wrong but I thought it looks like no one has posted since 2009?? Is that correct? If so, is this no longer an active site or active delivery service, besides temporarily during the pregnancy? If so, does anyone know of other services like this or can anyone tell me what areas to find farmers markets? Thanks!!

10 08 2010
Liz D

Did you ever get a response?

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