Whatd’ya do with the bag? 08.05.08

5 08 2008

The Oki: potatoes, carrots, 2 bags cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, bean sprouts (called moyashi, btw), cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, onion, wing beans, the brownish huge cucumber like thing, egglplant, okra, and a smattering of hot peppers.

The TropOki: mango, dragonfruit, handful of shikwasa, 4 passionfruit, pineapple

The Big TropOki: Another mango, another dragonfruit & another handful of shikwasa.




6 responses

6 08 2008
Cami Heck

What do I do with the huge, brownish, cucumber thing?

6 08 2008

Treat it just like a cucumber — but I would probably remove the skin. When you cut it open you’ll see it looks just like a cucumber!

8 08 2008

Are some Dragonfruit white on the inside? Or does that mean it is under ripe? I cut one open and it was all white with black seeds. I ate it and it was soft and sweet like the purple fleshed one from last week, but just wasn’t sure. Anyone else get a white-fleshed dragonfruit?

8 08 2008

Sorry, sent this to the wrong weekly blog. 🙂 Anyway, supposedly, the white dragon fruit is the most common variety with less flavor. I answered my own question. lol

8 08 2008

Angie, I was totally shocked a couple weeks ago when I cut one open and it was white!! 🙂 It didn’t seem possible it could turn THAT much darker in a week or so of ripening, so I just figured there were different kinds! But glad you confirmed it!!

9 08 2008

I was trying to e-mail and place an order (I am new), and I didn’t get any response. Do you still accept new customers? Thanks!

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