Whatd’ya do with the bag? 08.26.08

27 08 2008

The Oki: Tomatoes, potatoes, half cabbage, flat green beans, onion, salad greens, okra, green peppers, wingbeans, cucumbers, flowers.

The Big TropOki: 2 Mango, Pineapple, green mikans, limes, papaya, bananas, guava.

The TropOki: Mango, pineapple, fewer mikans/limes, bananas.

These are the contents of Tuesday’s bags — Thursday’s may vary slightly.

Whatd’ya do with the bag? 08.19.08

19 08 2008

The Oki: potatoes, green hot peppers, 2 bags cherry tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, red or green bell peppers, lettuce leaves, onion, green onion, wing beans, eggplant, brown/yellow cucumber.

The TropOki: Guava, 2 small mango, 2 dragonfruit, bananas, pineapple.

The Big TropOki: Same as above except 2 large mango & 3 passionfruit.

Thursday bags may vary from this slightly depending on availability.

Whatd’ya do with the bag? 08.13.08

13 08 2008

The Oki: Sweet potato, 2 bags cherry tomatoes, okra, cucumbers, green peppers, salad leaves, onion, eggplant, squash, mushrooms, green loofah.

The TropOki: banana, papaya, dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, limes, guava (first time!!!)

The BigTrop: Same as above with a larger papaya & larger pineapple and extra mango.

(This is the content for the Tuesday deliveries, Thursday deliveries will vary slightly depending on the availability.)

Whatd’ya do with the bag? 08.05.08

5 08 2008

The Oki: potatoes, carrots, 2 bags cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, bean sprouts (called moyashi, btw), cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, onion, wing beans, the brownish huge cucumber like thing, egglplant, okra, and a smattering of hot peppers.

The TropOki: mango, dragonfruit, handful of shikwasa, 4 passionfruit, pineapple

The Big TropOki: Another mango, another dragonfruit & another handful of shikwasa.