Whatd’ya do with the bag? 07.29.08

29 07 2008

The Oki: one of the following carrot/potato/tomato, either wing beans/bean sprouts, beniimo, pink flower lettuce, okra, onion, green bell peppers, cucumbers, hot peppers, lemon grass, okinawa zucchini, flowers.

TropOki: wax apples, banana, shikwasa, papaya, mango, dragonfruit

Big TropOki: TropOki + grapes, acerola, pineapple, passionfruit




6 responses

31 07 2008

I didn’t get flowers 😦

31 07 2008

I must say tho- the dragonfruit was so good! I have purple stained fingertips from it :-p

1 08 2008

Does anyone know how to tell if the papaya is ripe? We cut ours open, and it def was not ripe – don’t want to waste fruit again .. . . .


1 08 2008

I think softness is the most important thing on the papaya — should be able to squeeze it a bit. Also, I wait til the green is gone or mostly gone — so it should all be yellow/orange.

1 08 2008

Ok – one more question – I got my bag on thursday . . . There were some red peppers in it, hot ones – anyone know what they are? I am having an allergic reaction I think . . .. .

8 08 2008

Actually, I was able to do a little research and found out that the most common variety of the dragon fruit is the white-fleshed variety which has a bit less flavor than the magenta colored flesh. Not sure if this pic is going to come through in comment…

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