Wha’dya do with the bag? 06.17.08

17 06 2008

The MiniOki:  carrots, potatoes, onion, cucumbers, lettuce, 2 bags cherry tomatoes, mixed color peppers

The Oki:  Mini + brown/yellow thing (akawori), big green thing (shibui), eggplant, bean sprouts, okra, hot green peppers

The TropOki:  bananas, pineapple, passionfruit, plums


I heard fun things when I delivered bags about what you did with various items — keep the info coming!  Recipes are VERY welcome & appreciated!  🙂




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18 06 2008

Does anyone have any other recipes for the “what the heck are those?” items? I love getting new veggies but get a little stumped on what to do with them. I’m also a little curious about the lettuce, we’re planning on salad tonight but I’m wondering if I need to buy some back-up romaine or something. Has anyone tried it and know what it tastes like? I’m really looking forward to some eggplant parmesan, neither my husband or I have tried it yet. Thanks for the great job you’re doing, Melody!

18 06 2008

About the salad: I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve heard several people say they ate it alone as salad and it was yum — peppery though. Someone else said they mixed it with a more bland lettuce for salad. Let us know what you do though!

18 06 2008

I love this lettuce, it’s full of flavor and looks beautiful as a salad. I did mine as a basic house salad with some of those cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sliced red peppers, ranch dressing and ground pepper.

19 06 2008

Hi Melody/Joelle,
To contribute a recipe, where should I send it? I LOVE to cook and if I come across something great, I’d LOVE to share. -Kandy

19 06 2008

You can either just write into the comment section on the “Place Your Order Page” or you can email Melody at FreshInOki@yahoo.com


20 06 2008

YUMMO! Thanks for the bag, we did some wonderful Chicken kabobs with the Pineapple, onion and peppers. I sided it with a salad of (I agree) the great tasting lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Thanks again! It was delicious!

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