Chattin’ with Melody

16 06 2008

So, Melody and I (Joelle) agreed that since she loves organizing and I love to write, I’m going to interview her each week and tell ya what’s up in the world of fruit and veg… This will be written as if Melody is chatting with you…


“So, I’ve been getting some interesting nicknames lately… The Veggie Queen and then cool Kelly called me the Sweet Temptress in her Oki Hai article. I feel like both of those things sometimes. Other times over the last weeks I’ve felt gigantically overwhelmed.  Six short weeks ago, this business didn’t exist. And this week we are making 50 deliveries. Unbelievable. Sooooo much more than I expected.

At first I struggled a lot with how much time it would take to purchase, bag and deliver the veggies to houses all over the map.  Some of you have graciously received knocks on your door WAY too late at night!!  And then there have been email and paypal and website problems…  The difficulty of trying to please everyone with the content of the bags… 

But the difficult parts have paled in comparison to the FUN this adventure is!  I’m loving the gorgeousness I see when I open my frig each day.  And I love that these same items are in your homes as well.  It makes me smile to know you’re probably staring at the *#&!%@ unexpected vegetable too, wondering what to make — but figuring something out and getting those “unexpected” vitamins & minerals into your bodies as well.  

I’ve so enjoyed meeting you all and getting to know the guys up at the farmer’s market (more on them soon!).  I definitely feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself.  Thank you all for being part of the bigger bit.  🙂


PS  The stupidest things I’ve done with the vegetables the last couple weeks has to be getting the hot pepper juice under my fingernails and having that sting for HOURS.  And then there was the night I decided to try a stir-fry which included goya AND sweet potatoes.  AWFUL!!”




One response

26 09 2008

I love this website! We just arrived on the island last Friday and I keep finding things that make me more excited to be here. I love fresh fruits and veggies and am looking forward to all the new things I can find here on the island.

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