Wha’dya do with the bag? – 5.27.08

27 05 2008

There’s this big bag of veggies and/or fruit sitting on your counter.  And it’s gettin’ on to feedin’ time.  What do you do?  What did you do??

We’d love to hear how you spread your loot through the week, recipes you made (that got raves or got boo-ed), items you wish you had, things you didn’t use, and just the general happiness that was shared from your “Oki.”  

So tell us!!

BTW, these were the gorgeous flowers this week ———>


In the bag this week:

The Mini-Oki – potato, carrot, yellow onion, green beans, cucumber, corn (!!), tomato, garlic 

The Oki –  Mini-Oki contents PLUS red onion, red cabbage, radish, eggplant, hot peppers, okra, basil, & the ground cherries (the yellow things that look like tomatillos — see separate post about them).

The Trop Oki –  watermelon, bananas, pineapple

*Note:  These were the items in the Tuesday deliveries — other days might differ slightly.




9 responses

27 05 2008

I got my bag this evening and was so excited. This is our third week. We love it. It is so exciting to get the bag and see what is inside. We all (2 parents and 3 kids) sat at the dinner table and were on the edge of our seats waiting to see what was inside. It was like Christmas. A added bouns for us was Melody had a extra watermelon and we bought it. As soon as she left we cut it open at ate some. Oh my it was sooooo good. My baby even got to try some watermelon for the first time. He loved it. This has been such a great experiences. Can’t wait for more.

PS. we did not get basil. I am bummed! We made fresh pesto the last time. Oh well next time! 🙂

27 05 2008

The sweet-citrusy ground cherries are wonderful….great dipped in chocolate, raw and/or dropped into pancakes…sneak them in if the kids think they are too tart.

27 05 2008

By the way, did we know that 1 Ground Cherry plant produces up to 300 fruits per plant and bears nonstop until a frost hits. Wow!

28 05 2008

Will be making fried okra tonight. My boys LOVE it. If you’re not from the South, you might not be very familiar with okra — but it’s one of my favs. Easy to pan-fry.

Just mix a little flour and a little cornmeal in a bowl. Add salt/pepper and other flavors you want like garlic powder. Cut off top and tail of the okra and then slice into rounds. Dump them in the flour mixture and get them all covered in flour. Then just pan-fry them in olive oil over medium heat — browning both sides. YUM!

30 05 2008

We are down on Kinser and got our bag last night. I must agree, it really was like opening a gift. We smelled and touched everything. Then, after convincing my husband that I should get to cook first, since I ordered the bag (YES we were trying to talk one another out of cooking) I made garlic and onion potato wedges and broccoli and eggplant pasta. Everything was amazing! It has been so long since I had FRESH veggies!

30 05 2008

So I’m not a big eggplant fan, but thought I’d try an eggplant parmesan of sorts tonight. Unfortunately, didn’t have bread crumbs or much mozzarella, but it was REALLY YUMMY. Here’s what I did… Cut the eggplant into rounds, rubbed them with olive oil and put ’em on a baking sheet – 15 min at 375. Turned them over and sprayed with organic Pam – another 10 min in oven – they were lightly browned then. Dumped them on the bottom of a baking dish, covered them with mozzarella & monterey jack and a parmesan mixture that had melted butter, garlic (like 7 cloves!!), fresh basil, salt & pepper) – and topped it all with about 1/2 a jar of spaghetti sauce (Newman’s organic). Baked it at 350 for 20 min. SO YUM over pasta!!!

31 05 2008

Thank you so much for the basil. I was really ok with not having it in our bag. You are so sweet to bring it by. We will be making some fresh pesto now.

Also Joelle I will be trying out your Okra and Eggplant recipes.

This is the best service. Can’t wait for the next bag!

1 06 2008

Joelle, we gave your okra recipe a go, and my girls loved it. We will be making a variation of the eggplant curry from cooking light tonight. Also must say that the ground cherries were a big hit. What else… I made a salad with the raw corn, radishes, hot peppers- added some green onion, fresh lime juice and olive oil,salt and pepper for a salad. Not a big hit with the kids, but I liked it. I’ll have to redeem myself with carrot cake (or maybe I’ll just puree the carrots and sneak it in other dishes).
I never new they made organic pam-learn something new everyday!
Must say I am lovin’ Fresh in Oki.

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