Week 2: omg what have I started?!

24 05 2008

After this week’s ‘vegetable smackdown’ deliveries I was really not sure this is something I can handle, but that was kind of the point in setting out to see how much can be handled in one day. I must find creative ways to be more efficient and more organized with all the many details. But it’s just a bag of veggies. I mean, really, it’s awesome locally grown veggies delivered to you and that’s super cool and important, but it’s not a crisis if I make a mistake at this. I feel like you all understand that you are kind of my guinea pigs trying this out with me. I dream about this being island wide and ‘Fresh in Oki, Inc.’ does have a nice ring to it (not that I have any clue how to do any of it right now). I must remind myself that its only been 2 weeks.

Did you see the post about Fresh in Oki on www.OkinawaHai.com? Huge thanks to Kelly and the okihai society!

I have a large round suprise for all the TropOki orders this week! Get in on the tropical summer fun!

See you all soon!





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