Today’s Bag — May 20, 2008

20 05 2008

The MiniOki: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, potatoes, carrots, onion, green onion type thing & green beans.

The Oki: MiniOki plus pumpkin, sweet potato & multi-colored beans.

The TropOki: papaya, passionfruit, bananas, pineapple




2 responses

21 05 2008

I boiled the sweet potatoes tonight — couldn’t BELIEVE the gorgeous purple color! I wanted to wear them!! 🙂 Yummy too!!

21 05 2008

Those beautiful teardrop tomatoes are begging to become bruschetta, and the cherry tomatoes will be great stuffed with goat cheese, those green onions, olive oil, s&p. Call up the neighbors for appetizers in the back yard. What could be better than that?
Pumpkin is destined for soup, sweet pots for curry with lentils. Anyone have any ideas for the colorful beans? Thanks!

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