Today’s Bag – May 13, 2008

13 05 2008

The Oki: Potatoes, Carrots, Onion, Green Onions, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Lettuce, Acorn Squash, Goya, Fresh Basil, Cabbage and Sweet Peppers, and a beautiful assortment of tropical flowers.




4 responses

17 05 2008

This bag of veggies was so great. The tomatoes were so tastey. The basil was the best. I can’t believe how much there was in a bag. I made the best salad tonight with my veggies. Thank you so much. This is the best service!!

20 05 2008

So I’m pretty proud of myself. In 6 days of cooking, I made it through everything except the cabbage — and that’s only cuz I didn’t pick up any yakisoba noodles from the commissary to put with it. I feel all healthy and hippie that we ate everything else in the bag!! My 10 mo. old LOVED the squash and the 3 yr old LOVED the lentil soup I made tonight with the green beans, potatoes & carrots.

23 05 2008

can you post directions where this farmer’s market is located beside Onna village?

24 05 2008

It’s called “Onna Eki” or Onna Station and it’s on the left side of the 58 just a bit north of the Renaissance Hotel. Look for the cartoon veggies on the sign.

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