Fitting It In

12 05 2008

I am so excited about starting “Whatever This Business is Going to be Called”… I couldn’t stop thinking about it and planning… I wanted to go up and try it out and see what would fit in the bags I snagged from the Commissary. So I went up to Onna this morning and was thrilled that it worked! I filled a bag and it was good. I even got to meet the owner of the place who speaks good English and was more than happy to have me come up each week and clean him out of as much produce as I could carry. Sweet.




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4 09 2008

Hi, My name is Rachael McCarty .I recently found your site going through google “organic foods in Okinawa” and it led me to Okinawa Hai . Now I am a member of that group. But I wanted to know more about the diffrent fruits and veggies here on the island. Now, I am not going to lie,I have not read through all your site .But, since I have stumbled on your site ( a plenty) through all my look ups I thought I would give you a hollar .Where are the cheapest fruits and veggies and when? What is “The bag ” ? Also ..when do you know you have a good deal.? I am happy to pass any info you give me to my other groups if it is ok with you. Thanks for any info .

13 09 2008

Hi Rachael — If you look on the “What’s That?” page it will show you some of the native unusual fruits/veggies available here. We only use one market up in Onna so I don’t have info on other places. And if you look on the “Produce Blog” page you’ll see what have been in the bags lately.

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